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Learn the Basics Of Online Share Trading.

Learn the Basics Of Online Share Trading.

Basics of Online Share Trading.

In ancient times, you had to fill physical forms to buy or sell shares, or to Trade, even you had to stand in long ques to submit those forms. But now situations are a bit different, as we have proper internet facilities due to which buying and selling has become much more manageable. For your help, there are so many online trading platforms and apps available.

Skylark Groups is one of the leading online trading platforms with a 30 Days Money-back Guarantee Certificate which provides you full control over Trading with successful and tested trading strategies. We believe in transparency in our field of work to meet the client’s demand.

How to Learn Trading Online?

Online Trading is using a PC or Laptop or Mobile connected to the Internet for Trading or buying and selling of shares. There is the least amount of human interaction in Online Trading, which makes it more cost-effective than Offline Trading.

If you are a beginner in Online Trading, then don’t worry. Skylark Groups has all the basics covered to put your mind at peace. We will make you learn that online Trading is all about self-control and controlling your destiny. We will teach you how much you should invest when you should invest, where you should invest, which trades you should open, and when you should close those trades. We will build an effective Online trading strategy, define what you want as a trader, you can establish your trading profit goals, and how much time you can devote to your Online Trading.

Online Trading

  1. In Online Trading, you can purchase or sell shares through a PC or Laptop or Mobile App. 
  2. The client has complete/full power over the Online Share Trading. 
  3. You need to take care of your passwords, equipment, and programming in Online Trading.
  4. Affirmation of selling and buying trading shares is quick, ongoing, and real-time. 
  5. The Process of financing the record, funding, and DIS issue is consistent. 
  6. Online Trading Process generates more profit as the brokerage charges fewer fees.
  7. At Online Platform, you will get better recommendations for choosing stocks.

Offline Trading

  1. In Offline Trading, you need to visit an agent’s office or branch office to buy or sell shares. 
  2. In Offline Trading, one needs to depend on a vendor or a dealer for execution. 
  3. In this, all the things are dealt with by the agent or seller or brokers.
  4. Delay issues can occur in Offline sort of Trading.
  5. The financing of the record or funding and DIS issue is not consistent. 
  6. In the Offline Trading Process, brokers charge high amounts of charges, and investment money is different.
  7. In Offline Trading, you get to know what your Broker suggests to you.

Steps to Start Your Online Trading:-

Learning Online Trading is very simple; you have to follow some necessary steps to start trading online. Here is the basic step by step guide of some essential rules you should remember for before starting Online Trading:-


Online Trading is only a technical version of Offline Trading in which you can trade through the internet from anywhere in the world. The Working of Online Trading is the same as Offline Trading.


The very first step to do online Trading is to open a Trading-cum-Demat-Account with your Broker and also remember to enable online trading options while opening the account. A power of attorney will be in the hands of your Broker for automatic debit and credit of your Demat account when you trade shares online.

Step 2

Once your Trading Account is Open, you will need to activate it via with the Username and Password provided to you.

Step 3

Even when your Online Trading account will have two-step verification, it is advised that you change your password for the first time. The two-step verification will include your one-time password, and one will be either OTP or alphanumeric code or combination of questions.

Step 4

Now at this stage, you will have to Fund your Online Trading Account. You can fund it via NEFT, Cheque/DD, Payment Gateway, RTGS, IMPS. Once the Fund is added in your Trading Account, you will be eligible and ready to start Trading.

Step 5

Whenever you Trade a Share or a Security, it will appear in your Order Book. So, if you change your mind, you can cancel it or modify it anytime until it’s showing the status “Pending”. Once your order is Finalized, you won’t be able to make any changes to it.

Step 6

There is an option to set the Limit of your Order, and you can activate it if you want to automate the process of buying and selling your shares by the time it reaches the desired point.

Step 7

When you are done Trading the shares, You should cross-check the Trading, what amount the transaction is done, as it is Online Trading, sometimes there are chances of internet failure, your Trading may be undone. You can also take your Broker’s help as he can also make the order on your behalf as almost all brokers have this facility.

Step 8

When you start online Trading the charges are also less when compared to Offline Trading, online Trading is not only simple but a way easier to understand and access than Offline Trading. There may be some Payment Gateway charges in Online trading Process, even sometimes bank charges are also involved, but still, they are very nominal Charges.

Skylark Groups hope that you might have got the information you are looking for and now you are ready to start Online Trading. If you still find difficulty in understanding the Process of Online Trading, Don’t Worry!!! You can Give us a CALL for more information.

Also Note:

Your Broker might Insist you to pre-fund your Online Trading Account, and usually, payment is made when shares are purchased. Also, Online Share traders are advised to keep their Online Trading Account information Confidential and keep a regular check on it.

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